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Through CAI, which is Curriculum, Assessments & Insights and MIS - Management Information System. We will nudge you towards systemic and whole school improvement, while providing you simple technological tools and support.


Curriculum. Assessments. Insight

We are happy to share with you why schools choose Schooler CAI , to excel in the complete cycle of Curriculum, Assessments & Insights.

Your school has limitless possibilities to achieve your objectives with teachers, children, and parents. Schooler is designed to assist you to achieve these objectives, using a simplified digital transformation solution.

Your school obviously uses different teaching and learning materials, and possibly some digital solutions. Schooler unifies all these aspects of academics and assessments, into one flowing, simple, and complete digital solution.

Using Schooler’s analytics, you would have a better track of achievement of students’ learning outcomes, and so, the teachers can easily plan and prepare for the class.

We are happy to share with you why schools choose Schooler to excel in academics, assessments and parent engagement.

Schooler’s curriculum for your school is just a one-time set-up. Your school is now automatically prepared to deliver classes in any format you want and you switch to. You can track progress of curriculum delivery, annual plan and other data,in just a few clicks.

Teaching and learning, for what students need.

Teachers adapt their lessons to the students' learning needs, for maximum achievement of learning outcomes.

High-end curriculum planning and delivery.

Toggle between in-person, virtual to hybrid classes, online or offline exam scheduling, tracking, and more.

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