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MIS - Management Information System. We will nudge you toward systemic and whole-school improvement while providing you with simple technological tools and support.


Management. Information. System

Your school has limitless possibilities to achieve your objectives with teachers, children, and parents. Schooler is designed to assist you to achieve these objectives, using a simplified digital transformation solution.

Your school has different planning and operational needs such as student and staff management, attendance, HR functions, fee collection systems, admissions, and many more. You may have had different systems working in silos for all these uses.

Schoolers’ Management Information System is a clever design that brings together the whole school under one roof. Not just data collection but also giving you speedy and practical insights, Schooler’s MIS is designed to power your school systems at the most foundational level.

We believe Schooler is the most comprehensive and mission-oriented software solution for a school, working from classroom to office needs to home learning.

The best part is that by using Schooler’s MIS, you will blend all systems into one place, so your staff will not need multiple pieces of training, will not be confused about what to use and what not, and thus, you make the most of your digital transformation investments.

Schooler’s finance management system brings together administrative and fee billing elements within a cloud-based system. We have included flexible billing, instant online invoicing, and reminders to parents which make all your paperwork near zero.

Streamline operations and allied activities.

A tailored algorithm that blends all systems, saves you efforts and lakhs of rupees in training and maintenance.

Complete and automated fee management structure

From automated invoicing to gentle reminders for dues, use a responsive fee system.

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